My Story

I was born and have lived in Bulgaria. Currently I live in Irvine, California with my family.

Years ago I discovered the amazing world of cross stitch pictures. Ever since then I devoted myself to this art form.

I love creating pictures with a needle and a thread and designing my own patterns. Walking among the streets I get inspired by the street lamps and the lanterns with their lights, beauty, elegance, and a bit of mystery. They add to the charm of the cities with their grace and stylishness. It’s a challenge for me to present the light and the dark during the day and the night. I am interested in how the photos are translated into cross stitch. It is magical to see them converted into another medium. It is an exhilarating feeling to see something beautiful coming up under my hands in all vibrancy of colors. 

Why cross stitch pictures? Because the eternal human quest for creativity.

The cross stitching is an inseparable part of my life. I have tons of ideas and I am always trying to find new, original, creative solution.

I hope you enjoy visiting my site which was made by my older son Borislav. The photos are taken by my husband Dian. The entire process was guided and supported by my younger son Ivaylo.

Mariana Ivanova

Mariana Ivanova